But they get no reaction from Envato. Moderators don’t care either. ThemeForest should care about their authors as they are the engine of Envato. That’s sad, but business is not for whiners.

4. Mess With Pricing

Prices are another serious issue. According to Envato terms, everyone can set their own prices on their own products, which is fair enough. But some authors sell their products as the most expensive items while others sell their themes with almost 0% revenue for the author chasing their marketing purposes. Multi-skin templates are also great competitors as they could be used for building lots of websites for the price of one. Due to this mess with prices, a lot of people leave feeling cheated and disappointed. We understand that we must not blame others for their success and our failure, but this understanding doesn’t make things easier. Recommended reading: 5 Tips on How to Price a Product or Service For WordPress

5. It’s Difficult To Succeed

If you are only going to start your partnership with Envato, be ready for the hard times. We don’t want to scare you away, but it’s incredibly difficult to enter ThemeForest today. Even the biggest players are starting to feel the competitors breath on the back of their heads. It might cost you an arm and a leg to add an extra value with the price markdown tactics and the overflowing market of quality products. And don’t hope for any answer from Envato. Even Power Elite authors have to patiently wait, standing in line to get their questions answered. Sometimes it takes two or three days to get a simple yes-no email answered.

6. Requires Extra Marketing

You have to make extra marketing efforts to get your themes exposed if you want to survive on Envato. A little bit of math: ThemeForest needs to get at least 2 million extra people to buy their WordPress products in order to just keep afloat. Two million people is huge and that’s all just to keep business the same without any growth. You may say that the WordPress demand is growing and people are becoming even more dependent on websites and the internet, but who knows how large the demand could grow.


Any business has its pros and cons, especially the big ones that involve so many people. Besides the cons mentioned above, most of Envato vendors are happy to be a part of its community and build their business around it. If you are hesitating whether to try your luck with Envato or not, we can say only one thing. It’s better to take action and fail than stay idle. Maybe you are a future rising star of ThemeForest. We wish you the best of luck! Have your own story or experiences of selling on ThemeForest? We would love to hear them below.