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Some Mistakes that Make your Website Developments Look Unprofessional

  • Category : General
  • Posted on : Sep 05, 2016
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  • By : Edgardo D.

website developments Clienteles are preoccupied. They faith a few main brands already. Why should they unexpectedly start trusting you? Except you catch them within the first few seconds, they are out. The design can prove to be much more important for your fledgling business than you may imagine. When you run an online business, visitors’ decisions of it always depend on tiny details in your design. Eventually, it is the smallest details that make the most difference. But these details must be sensibly examined and fixed, if you are to build a trustworthy brand and build income.

Here are some common web design mistakes that amateur designers make. You will be able to recognize some of the common mistakes that may have also sneaked into your website development process.


using templates for large businesses is not wise, but I can see the need for them in small, bootstrapped startups. Though, if you end up using one, it’s a good idea to get a designer to properly customize it to your branding. You may even end up with a pretty good product. A common problem on websites built with theme base templates is a weak visual connection between the logo and the rest of the website. There will be colors used in the logo that are not recurrent anywhere on the website, or fonts that are not fit well with ones used in the site.



A different, but equally disturbing error is using the default Bootstrap design for your company website. You’re not fooling anyone by using Open Sans. It’s hard to distinguish between all the website that are using the same design and it’s hurting your brand. One giveaway that your site is built with Bootstrap is Font Awesome.



Fonts have many more important role for making a great design. They will make or break your entire design. A common problem of some designers is too little contrast between headline and body fonts. Just implementing some size variation mostly is not enough. Try using a bolder weight for your headline font, and make it very obviously more important than the rest of the text. This will help with hierarchy and gently guide the eye through the website.



Background color covers the largest part of your website, so better choose it carefully. As a rule of thumb, entirely black websites almost never look good, except they are professionally designed. White color is a safe bet, but even more designers use very light gray. Now you can use pictures as background but need to be sure to use authentic images not from google and chose images that goes with the company mission, vision and branding strategies.



A site that has nicely spaced content looks automatically good. Though spacing is hard, leaving enough, but not too much space around elements is probably the hardest part of figuring out design. But it can be cut down with a few rules such as make sure all elements are properly grouped together, second, leave enough white space around those groups.



Writing for Website Developments takes some different skill sets. It should be easy to read and clear message oriented as well as short. Make sure your copy is easy to understand and have it checked by the proofreader to fix any spelling mistakes. It is a good idea to have somebody read all the text before the site goes live.



Readability is must no matter how much good your copy is it is worthless if it is not readable. Many small details can be detrimental to how your text is read and. The readability can affect the way your company is being perceived. Avoid small unreadable fonts and too little contrast between background and text and make sure hat spacing between lines and paragraph are simultaneous.



Do not go off-trend for just being different. Yes, uniqueness is important but that does not mean you have to make a website that is completely different from all of your industry and business competitors. While you can get away with some 3D effect here and there, it is best to explore your creative options inside the flat design guidelines.


Spelling and Grammar Errors
Poor Navigation and Internal Linking
No Contact and Social Sharing Buttons
No Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons
Focusing too much on how the site looks
Not considering mobile users

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