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The popularity of chat application Discord has skyrocketed in the gaming community, where it is now the main communication tool.

Discord has many advantages, one of the most important is the fact that it is open source and can be easily self-hosted. That means that you can quickly setup a server of your own, create some channels, invite people and start chatting.

Bots, or automated users, are another great feature of Discord. They can do various things: from displaying memes or the message of the day to playing music and videos. They are written in JavaScript and can also be self-hosted, in this article we will compare some of the most popular ones.


Since Discord is mostly used by online gamers, bots that are specialized for this purpose are very widely used.

Guilded is one of the best gaming bots because it offers many features needed by corporations and guilds, regardless of the actual game.

These include an event calendar that notifies players about upcoming raids or events, recruiting via an application form, various game statistics, leaderboards that keep track of a number of achievements and many other useful functions.

This bot is found on tens of thousands of servers and is actually used by some of the best professional e-sports teams.

If you use Discord for gaming communication, Guilded is one of the most robust bot options available.


Just like the name suggests, this is a music bot. It is one of the most popular of all Discord bots, with over 4 million installs, and often ranks first in best bots lists.

Rythm Bot is free and has all the features that you would expect, such as autoplay or displaying the song lyrics. The sound is high-quality and can be played from multiple sources, such as YouTube or SoundCloud.

It is also constantly developed, so bugs are fixed quickly and new features are regularly added.

In addition, Rythm Bot is very easy to setup and operate and promises a perfect musical experience, with no lag for the songs or the bot itself.


Everybody loves Pokemons, so this bot is a great addition to any Discord server.

After installation, Pokemons will start appearing randomly in channels, so users can catch and add them to their own collection.

Pokemons can be leveled up, they can learn new moves and can battle the ones of other users. The winner receives XP and a number of credits, which can be used to buy items from the shop that is also provided by the bot.

Overall, using Pokécord is a funny experience that spices up the dull moments in chat. No wonder that this bot is installed on over 300000 servers and there are millions of people using it.


Memes are a must on every chat application and there are many self-hosted Discord meme bots available.

Dank Memer is widely considered to be the best of its kind, because it is actually a multi-purpose bot. While focused on memes, it has many other functions and can also handle music, currency conversion, moderation and others.

It has a very long list of commands, with over 260 at the moment, and it is constantly developed so new ones are being added. These commands are split into 12 categories, in order to make management easier.

Dank Memer was designed with fun in mind, so uses can create their own memes, view the hottest ones from the Internet, manipulate images, gamble, play games and so on.


While the other bots discussed so far have been created with a specific purpose in mind, Miki is a jack of all trades generalist bot.

It has more useful features than other similar bots and can manage pretty much every aspect of a Discord server.

Some of the best functions are related to administrative tasks: Miki automatically handles bans, channel cleaning and unwanted post removal. At the same time, it keeps track of profiles, roles, achievements or virtual marriages between users.

Miki is a multilingual bot that is available in almost all of the major languages. It also has a built-in currency system, as well as a leaderboard for users, based on experience points earned by sending messages.

The bot also has advanced gaming functions, similar to the ones offered by dedicated bots. Miki includes multiple funny features, such as image posting, gambling, minigames and many others.

Due to its robust functions, it is one of the best choices as the first bot that you can add to your server.

Going back to the initial question, what is the best self-hosted Discord bot? There is no clear answer, since all of these excellent bots have different purposes.

If you need a generalist bot, Miki is the best one available. For specialized functions, choose one of the other options according to your needs.

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