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11 WordPress Instagram Plugins for Displaying Interactive Feeds

  • Category : Marketing
  • Posted on : Jun 03, 2019
  • Views : 3,518
  • By : Edgardo D.

With over 1 billion users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world and has a social stranglehold on quite a few industries. From fashion to music, and cooking to fitness, companies in these markets turn to Instagram to show off bright, vibrant photographs, allowing for a connection beyond that of Facebook and Twitter.

Part of the reason Instagram is such an exceptional tool for brands is because of its simplicity. You can take a picture with your phone, add a beautiful filter, and post online without having to connect to a computer. This format is not only faster than so many of the other social networks, but the result is an image that looks professional and creative at the same time. Since your company might already have an Instagram account, it’s a shame to not use that content on your website. Luckily, some of the best WordPress Instagram plugins are almost as easy as the Instagram platform itself.

So, what’s the point of placing your Instagram photos on your WordPress website?

  • Instagram photos are often far more intriguing and vibrant than regular website photos, so it adds a touch of excitement to your brand.
  • You then have the option to moderate your Instagram content from one place. Many business owners are looking at their websites quite often. With many of the WordPress Instagram plugins, you can respond to comments and set your pictures without leaving your website.
  • This gives you an excuse to push user-generated content to your Instagram. You can ask for pictures near your store or pictures of your product in use around the world. Then, these get sent to your website for new customers to see.
  • The Instagram feed on your site increases engagement, since people might stick around longer to look at the photos.
  • You have the opportunity to increase your Instagram follower count since the folks who come to your website might never have thought to follow you on Instagram.

And those are only a few of the reasons to get that Instagram feed working on your company website. It doesn’t matter if you manage a retail store or a global eCommerce brand. Giving your followers high-quality photos through Instagram is a start, but utilizing that followership to improve your website makes your social strategy that much stronger.

Once you start looking into a plugin, you’ll realize that dozens, if not hundreds, of options exist. So, we put together a collection of our favorite WordPress Instagram plugins. That way, you can cut down the search and decide on the one that fits your brand the best.

A Quick Rundown of the Best WordPress Instagram Plugins in 2019

  • Instagram Feed
  • WD Instagram Feed
  • WP Instagram Widget
  • Feed Them Social
  • Instagram Slider Widget
  • Instagram Gallery
  • Instagram Feed – WordPress Instagram Gallery
  • Instagram Widget – Instagram for WordPress
  • Instagram Theater
  • Enjoy Plugin for Instagram
  • Instagram Widget by WPZOOM

1. Instagram Feed

The Instagram Feed plugin is a great place to start off your search, because it’s an insanely simple plugin to configure, with tools for displaying your photos and even attaching multiple Instagram accounts if you need that. Another reason I like it so much is that it’s completely free for the majority of required features. However, you do have the option to pay for the Pro Version for $39 or $79 depending on how many sites you need to support. As for the features provided with the pro version, you’ll receive additional items like a pop-up lightbox for better viewing and an option to display posts by hashtag. The only reason I would consider the pro version is because you can then show the image captions and gain video support.

Overall, the Instagram Feed plugin is a great way to increase social engagement, save time, and keep your site looking fresh. There’s no coding required, and all you need is to sign up for a non-private Instagram account. What’s more is that the plugin is responsive so that people see your pictures when viewing on mobile devices. The plugin also has shortcodes, allowing you to link to multiple Instagram accounts if you have more than one. The shortcodes are also nice for inserting the feed in numerous places throughout your site. So, you might have one on the homepage and also place the feed in some of your blog posts.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Instagram Plugins?

  • Instagram Feed doesn’t require a payment for the base plugin. It’s free, and most of the required features are in that base plugin. In addition, the premium version is affordable.
  • The Instagram gallery is completely customizable, with options to adopt the style of your website, choose columns, control the width, and change around the order of those photos.
  • It offers a “Load More” feature to reveal all of your photos. This way, the entire feed remains smaller for most of the time and doesn’t slow down your site, yet people are able to see everything if they want.
  • The plugin has some powerful tools, but it keeps everything wrapped up in a simple package. You don’t have to be an advanced WordPress user or coder to get the right result within a few minutes.
  • You can gain more control and make advanced customization through the custom CSS module.
  • It shows a Follow button to build your Instagram follower count.
  • You can even place a header at the top of the plugin module for further branding.

2. WD Instagram Feed

With the WD Instagram Feed plugin, you have the ability to create a beautiful Instagram gallery with some interesting effects like the lightbox with captions. Those captions are included with the free version, so that’s a nice bonus compared to the Instagram Feed plugin we talked about above. The free version also provides a nice little package with options for username and hashtag feeds, image and thumbnail browser layouts, and support for unlimited feeds. The pro version offers several additional extensions and built-in tools.

Here’s how the pricing goes:

  • Personal – $25 to support one domain and get six months of access to premium support and updates.
  • Business – $40 to support three domains and get one year of support and updates.
  • Developer –  $60 to support unlimited domains and receive one year of support and updates.
  • Instagram Feed WD Premium – This plan provides everything from the previous plans, along with all 60 of the premium WordPress plugins from Web Dorado. If you need premium plugins for your site or have a web design business, this is a solid deal.

All of the plans have four awesome views for your gallery, along with popup slideshows with effects, unlimited feeds, advanced image filtering, and excellent style customization tools with themes.

Jumping back to the standard, free version of WD Instagram Feed–it’s a time-saving plugin with full control over the way it looks on your site. You can mix up feeds from multiple sources or mix the posts from one account. The filtering is great for creating somewhat of a portfolio from your Instagram. The widget is also one of those extras that transforms your website into a more visually desirable place to be.

If you’re wondering about the main differences between the free and premium versions, here’s what to expect if you pay for premium. Firstly, several other layouts are provided, such as masonry and blog style. Metadata, such as the tag, comments, and likes, will show up in the feed. There are quite a few other features to look into, but I particularly enjoy the 15 lightbox transition effects.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Instagram Plugins?

  • The WD Instagram Feed plugin provides some of the most powerful filters and feed merging tools for creating the ultimate viewing experience.
  • It has a free version for an extremely powerful Instagram feed with widgets and lightbox functionality.
  • The premium version starts at only $25, and you have the option to get all of the premium plugins from Web Dorado for $99.
  • Two default themes are given to you with the free plugin.
  • Several customization tools are provided for adding the Follow button, enabling comments, changing around the layout, and more.
  • The plugin has a feature for combining feeds from multiple Instagram accounts. So, if you’re running a chain of some sort or you’d like to include your personal feed with your business feed, you have that option.

3. WP Instagram Widget

If you don’t like the idea of downloading a plugin with all sorts of styling already included, the WP Instagram Widget is the right WordPress Instagram plugin for you. It’s completely stripped down to the barebones, meaning that the developers leave it up to you to style the feed gallery with your own CSS. Therefore, you would consider this plugin if you either don’t want any styling (super simple) or if you’re a more experienced developer. If you want to change around colors, sizes, or headings, and you know nothing about coding, you’re going to be dissapointed with this one.

That said, this type of approach has many benefits. For one, you get to customize the gallery however you desire. Secondly, it means that the plugin isn’t going to slow down your site or cause too much clutter. It’s also extremely easy to configure and get running on your website.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Instagram Plugins?

  • It doesn’t have any preset stylings, so it’s up to you to make the customizations and work with the CSS.
  • This type of lightweight plugin is sure to keep your website clean and free of clunky plugins.
  • WP Instagram Widget is a free plugin, and there are no areas where you’ll be asked to upgrade to a premium plugin or sign up for some add-ons.
  • The plugin primarily functions as a widget, so you can place the Instagram feed into your sidebar and have it show up on all of the pages in your website.
  • There’s no need to connect to the Instagram API. In fact, all you need is the username and password from your Instagram account.
  • There’s a special caching feature, where you set certain filters to change around the caching timings. This is ideal for making sure your site is up to speed and to make sure all of the pictures are showing up okay.

4. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social has free and premium versions. The premium extension starts at $50 for a single site and goes all the way up to $200 for unlimited websites. The main advantage to the Feed Them Social plugin is the fact that it allows for the display of feeds from all sorts of social networks. This includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Most of these are offered in the premium version.

What’s also interesting is that the premium plugin has full support for all of the details from each social network. For instance, an Instagram feed includes everything from the user account to the hashtags, and the photos to the descriptions and comments. The main features of the premium plugin include the ability to display as many feeds as you want, along with fully responsive feeds. You’ll also find that you get follow buttons.

Many of these basic features are offered in the free version, so most companies should be fine–especially if they’re only looking for an Instagram gallery. However, I would mainly recommend the Feed Them Social plugin to those who want to combine feeds from multiple social networks.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Instagram Plugins?

  • There’s a free version and an affordable paid version.
  • You’re able to pull pictures from places like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • All of the social feeds are completely responsive for viewing on mobile devices.
  • You can make shortcodes for any of your social feeds. A shortcode generator comes with the plugin, and you can post any of the shortcodes wherever you want.
  • Infinite scrolling and a Load More button keep your feeds consolidated while allowing people to see your entire gallery if they would like.
  • You even get some sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook.

5. Instagram Slider Widget

Instagram Slider Widget brings together two popular designs in the Instagram feed world. The first one is that of the Instagram widget slider, which shrinks the images for the sidebar, but then can be shown on all pages. In addition, the slider scrolls through all of your Instagram photos so that the user sees a myriad of images as they browse your website.

The second option is the frontend widget thumbnail, which is essentially a gallery, but much smaller since the pictures are all thumbnails. The slider reveals 12 of the most recent posts on your Instagram page. You can also take advantage of the hashtag feature, which is ideal for tapping into a certain topic and only showing those pictures.

In the scope of things, the Instagram Slider Widget is one of the more basic WordPress Instagram plugins on this list. There’s no API needed. Instead, you simply link the plugin to your user profile, with the help of your username and password. You can also sort the images if you like some of them better than others.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Instagram Plugins?

  • This is a free plugin without any upgrades or premium versions.
  • It’s more of a niche Instagram feed solution, with smaller sliders and widgets.
  • You don’t need access to the Instagram API.
  • The Instagram Slider Widget plugin has a nice feature for linking the gallery photos to outside URLs or to attachments or the Instagram post. This way, you might consider linking to a sales page or something similar on your website.

6. Instagram Gallery

The Instagram Gallery plugin cuts it down to the basics. It’s not going to wow you with any modern layouts or creative styling. However, if all you need to do is insert a gallery from your Instagram page, the Instagram Gallery plugin is a great option for you.

Oh yeah, and it’s completely free, with no premium upgrades. The plugin links to your Instagram account after a brief setup process. After that, you get to choose between gallery or carousel sliders.

It truly is one of the simplest Instagram feeds you can find. You don’t even need to connect to the API or login with your username. All that’s required is the Instagram username and a quick settings adjustment.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Instagram Plugins?

  • The Instagram Gallery plugin doesn’t have any costs, ever. It’s a free download, and the developers don’t ask you to tip, upgrade, or pay for other add-ons.
  • The gallery plugin allows you to insert widgets throughout your website sidebars. You can also utilize shortcodes for spreading out the pictures on your site or simply deciding on other places to put the plugin.
  • The gallery format is as simple as they come. There’s a white background with the pictures it pulls from your Instagram. In fact, there really aren’t many customization tools, so it’s perfect for complete beginners who might get intimidated by some other alternative plugins.
  • You don’t have to login or link to the API. Only the username is required.
  • Instagram Gallery offers both gallery and carousel slider formats.

7. Instagram Feed – WordPress Instagram Gallery

Consider the Instagram Feed plugin if you’d like captivating effects and the showing of descriptions and tags when users scroll over the photos. The plugin sells for $24 for the plugin and six months of customer support. You can also extend that support for an extra fee. This is a highly rated Instagram plugin on CodeCanyon, and it has lots of great reviews for good reason. First of all, the feed looks elegant and in line with what you would find on Instagram itself. That means you still retain all of the metadata from your posts, and the stylization of your photographs comes through quite well.

Two formats are provided. One is the carousel and the other is a standard grid layout. You can also go with the post templates, which basically show the exact replica of what you would see on Instagram.

In short, the Instagram Feed plugin has all of the tools you’ll need to feel comfortable sharing your images on your website. It provides several color schemes, adaptable parameters, and support for hashtags, usernames, and locations. The overall UI customization is close to the best I’ve seen, especially when compared to the free plugins out there. If I were to recommend one plugin to guarantee that someone gets close to what they need, this would be the one.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Instagram Plugins?

  • The plugin is only $24, and it provides the most customization features out of all Instagram plugins.
  • It has post templates, which are meant to replicate post styles from Instagram.
  • The infinite popup functionality means that as the user scrolls down they will eventually see all of your photos as they load.
  • You can incorporate call to action buttons inside your Instagram posts, sending customers to sales pages on your website.
  • The plugin has support for filtering and creating galleries with hashtags, usernames, or locations.
  • Some of the customization tools include share modules, color adjusters, post templates, slider and grid layouts, popups, languages, and more.

8. Instagram Widget – Instagram for WordPress

The Instagram Widget sells for $19 on CodeCanyon. It’s a highly rated plugin that works with both usernames and hashtags on Instagram. Therefore, you might only show certain images based on the hashtags. The customization tools look good, with headers and colors for those headers to brand with your website. The plugin is completely responsive to fit on all mobile devices. You can even adjust the sizes of your images for when you would rather have something like thumbnail or fullscreen images.

Image loading is activated when the user scrolls down on the page. So, they don’t have to click on any buttons to see your full gallery. In addition, this is bound to speed up your website since all of the photos won’t load automatically.

Another reason I like this plugin is because of the multiple language support. If you have followers and customers from different countries, they might appreciate the ability to translate to their own language.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Instagram Plugins?

  • It only costs you $19 for a full premium Instagram feed plugin. This includes six months of support and future updates.
  • The Instagram Widget plugin lets you display your photos by categorizing them with usernames or hashtags.
  • Customization can be done with colors, image sizes, headers, and scroll options.
  • It also supports lots of languages for translating.

9. Instagram Theatre

You really can’t get a better deal than the Instagram Theatre plugin. It’s sold on CodeCanyon, so you don’t have the option to download it for free and test it out. However, you can check out the live preview and see how it works before pulling the trigger. That said, the $15 price tag for the entire plugin and several months of support looks like a great deal. The plugin provides a sleek layout, without any of the bells and whistles from other alternatives. You can create a fullscreen view for seeing the pictures in larger versions. There’s also a grid view or list layout.

Changing around the colors can be done instantaneously, leading to a well branded Instagram feed on all of your websites.

The plugin integrates directly with the Instagram API, and it provides a Fancybox integration for a stunning view of your photographs. Instagram Theater supports iPhones, iPads, and Androids, and the special effects and animations are sure to gain some notoriety on your website. What’s great is that Instagram Theater comes with three free site templates, all of which you can implement without knowing a line of code. Pair that with some excellent customization tools and you’ve found yourself a wonderful WordPress Instagram plugin for a great price.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Instagram Plugins?

  • The price is only $15.
  • It’s one of the simpler plugins to work with, considering you receive three templates to start with and a few layouts and other customization options to fit your website.
  • You can specify a tag so that only pictures with that tag come up on the feed.
  • There’s a multiuser Instagram feed mode where you can connect multiple Instagram accounts and have all of the photos show up in the feed.
  • The location Instagram Mode takes Instagram posts from certain locations and only shows those pictures in the feed.
  • The plugin offers a few effects and customization options. For instance, you can adjust the effect speed, delay intervals, and more.
  • Instagram Widget supports 16 languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Japanese.
  • Instagram Widget works with InstaLink, which runs as a WordPress widget and combines nicely with the Visual Composer plugin.

10. Enjoy Plugin for Instagram

The Enjoy Plugin for Instagram offers a customizable gallery for your Instagram photos. You can choose between a carousel or grid view, with the additional benefits of having shortcodes and widgets in your arsenal. The premium version of the plugin is listed at around $20, and that’s the only package provided. If you’re thinking about going with the free version, it’s a solid value, offering features like the widget, shortcodes, carousel, and column customization. The premium version is definitely more advanced, and the $20 price tag makes it rather intriguing. With the premium plugin, you have support for even more shortcodes, allowing you to utilize different hashtags or multiple feeds.

You even get some interesting new formats, like polaroid, album, and badge views. One of the main features I like from premium involves the ability to click on the Instagram feed photos and get sent to a different URL or the Instagram page itself. It’s a simple feature, but it’s nice to have some sort of interactivity for the photos instead of a standard gallery. Who knows? You might want to link to some of your sales pages if products are listed in the gallery.

Overall, the feeds look clean and to the point. I suggest you visit the Media Beta Projects website to see some of the many demos provided for the different views. I particularly enjoy the beautiful animations for the photographs, giving your customers something more interesting to look at and drawing in their attention for your most important Instagram posts.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Instagram Plugins?

  • It has a free version with solid functionality. You can also pay a small fee for additional features.
  • The plugin provides impressive animations and effects, allowing for you to grab user attention.
  • You can show pictures and galleries from your Instagram based on hashtags, profiles, and more.
  • There are two formats in the free version, including carousel and grid view. The premium version adds a few other formats to the plugin.
  • You receive a shortcode for posting on different pages, along with a widget for inserting the WordPress Instagram plugin in your sidebar.

11. Instagram Widget by WPZOOM

The Instagram Widget by WPZOOM plugin offers you a widget you can place in any widget area on your site, which will display a fully customizable feed of your latest Instagram posts.

You have a ton of layouts to choose from, including a flexible full-width layout for wide widget areas, and a grid including as many or as few posts per row as you like. The plugin looks best with 3-wide grids, 2-wide grids, or single column posts. Visitors can click on any individual post to see that post and its caption on Instagram, or you can choose to have a button below your posts to follow you.

The design of the widget is minimalist – showing just your Instagram posts – so this plugin should integrate smoothly with most WordPress theme designs. The design is also responsive, so mobile and tablet users will have a smooth user experience. For extra customizability you have the option to customize the design via CSS if needed.

The plugin is free, with no paid upgrades needed. All you will need is an Access Token, but WPZOOM makes it easy to generate one of these with a button here.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Instagram Plugins?

  • This is a free plugin, with no premium upgrade required.
  • The plugin works as described! It creates an easy, flexible Instagram widget.
  • You can customize the layout options, including a full-width widget.
  • Generating an Access Key is straightforward.

Which of the WordPress Instagram Plugins is Right for You?

If you’ve taken the time to complete a Google search on WordPress Instagram plugins, you know how muddled the search becomes because of the wide range of solutions. So, hopefully, this list has helped you better understand which plugins are right for you or your company. If you’re still debating between one or two of them, here are some final thoughts:

  • For the simplest setup – Instagram Feed.
  • If you’d like powerful feed filtering – WD Instagram Feed.
  • For unique views like polaroid and badge views – Enjoy Plugin for Instagram.
  • If you require multilanguage support – Instagram Widget.
  • For a close to exact replica of the posts that you see on Instagram – Instagram Feed – WordPress Instagram Gallery.
  • If you’d like to incorporate sales buttons – Instagram Feed – WordPress Instagram Gallery
  • If you’d rather not pay for anything – Insta Gallery or Instagram Widget by WPZOOM.
  • For displaying feeds from multiple social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest – Feed Them Social.
  • To start with no preset stylings (and punch in your own custom CSS) – WP Instagram Widget.

There you have it! If you’ve played around with any of these plugins in that past, help out some of our other users by sharing your experience. If you have any questions regarding the best WordPress Instagram plugins, drop a line in the comments section below.

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